Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Classes being taught on-ground next module

The new module starts on May26th - Don't forget that Monday is a holiday!Even though we don't need one right?

I would also like to welcome a new instructor - Peter Schultz. He has a MFA in Media Design and a BS in Graphic Design from Portland State University. He brings a lot of real world experience as well as an outstanding portfolio. He will be teaching DES109 4th period starting next week. I am looking forward to what he will bring to the graphic arts department on our campus - Welcome Peter!

Mod 6 Schedule
1st period - DES109 - Graphic Design 1
8:30 - 10:50 am
Room 216
Instructor: Jenny Rhodes


4th period - DES109 - Graphic Design 1
6:00 - 9:50 pm
Room 216
Instructor: Peter Schultz

Also - if you are scheduled to take DES250 - the portfolio design class - via elluminate in the next 2 modules and would prefer to take that class as a directed study with me on campus, let me know. I am currently taking inventory of students that still need DES250 so that I can offer a class time that will work for you and I am also willing to work with you on a directed study basis. You can send me feedback at ''

Monday, May 18, 2009

Poster Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted poster designs for this project. The winner is Kevin Beckstead who is a new graphic arts student in the day program. He received a 2gb flashdrive and a very VERY stylish SHC T-shirt. The posters are currently on display in the lobby and in the cafeteria.

Congratulations Kevin!

Honorable Mention

Dante Johnson

Jordan Butler

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living Traditions Festival this Weekend

Living Traditions is a 3-day festival at library square that celebrates all cultures. It's free with 3 stages of live music and dance combined with great food. Check out the website below for more details.

"Local ethnic artists – craftspeople, dancers, musicians, and chefs – are at the heart of Living Traditions. They teach us about the techniques, styles, tools and materials that are used in their respective artforms, many of which are centuries old. We build on our diversity by bringing featured guest artists to perform, presenting music that might not otherwise be heard in our community, contributing to the overall celebration."

Click here for more info

Monday, May 4, 2009

Design posters for the Salt Lake Campus

We need posters made for the Salt Lake campus and we would like to give the graphic design students the chance to design them. The poster needs to say 'Welcome to Stevens-Henager" and will be placed in the sign display case in the front lobby. The size needs to be 11 x 17 and should be designed in Illustrator or InDesign. It can have photos or graphics on the poster but the focus on the poster should be the Stevens-Henager Logo so keep it easy to read, eye-catching but simple.

I am including 2 jpegs here of the logo but I also have the .eps versions and will email them to you if requested.

If the school chooses your poster, it will be displayed in the school lobby at all times and will count as published work. We will also give you a 2gig flashdrive and a Stevens-Henager T-shirt. I would like to make the selection by Monday, May 11th.

You can submit .pdfs of your designs to

Thank you for playing!