Monday, September 29, 2008

Student Work

Logo design by Tammy Pevler

South by Southwest Corporate Identity by Shawn McDonald

Identity design for SFMOMA - Manny Rangel

Logo by Christy Finlinson

AIGA event Thursday

AIGA Salt Lake City is proud to welcome Petrula Vrontikis, Principal and Creative Director of Vrontikis Design Office in Los Angeles. It doesnt matter how you spell it, or does it? Inspiration can come from anywhere and can mean infinite things to different people. Join us Thursday, October 2nd with graphic designer, educator and author Petrula Vrontikis for a tour of the graphic designers creative process. She will present her work with Vrontikis Design Office (, speak about graphic design education and share ideas about what inspires us to do what we d

Thursday, October 3
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good news if you listen to music at work...

According to an article in HOW Magazine:

"Music is great for creativity,and it can be a great substitute for caffeine, too. If you're up until 3 a.m. working an a project, some good dance music can keep you going far longer than caffeine

More Than Just Ear Candy

"Music can be used to activate, stimulate and relax the mind and body, more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of music in a work environment. The key is finding the right kind of music to stimulate creativity," says Gerald Haman, a creativity trainer with SolutionPeople, a creative brainstorming group in Chicago. "I recommend a variety, because every time the music shifts from one style to another, your brain shifts wave patterns, making you think in a slightly different way. I advise my clients to make their own recordings, in short segments, kind of like a 'brain barrage,' or like a channel scan on TV, except it's all musical." The Elephant Factory's Penxa says the firm's favorite music is always the homemade mixed tapes staffers swap.

The goal for creative souls, Campbell says, is to "learn to regulate our minds and bodies using music, that phenomenal catalyst, to help us inwardly vision what we're trying to accomplish."environment."

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Interview with Marshall Arisman

I came across this interview with Marshall Arisman and thought I would share it with you. This is from a blog that is called "Success Secrets of Graphic Design Superstars." and it has interviews with some great creative minds. I always say in class that there are processes and things you can do as a designer to help get your creative juices flowing - ideas don't just fall out of the sky into our lap because we are supposedly more creative than the accountant working down the hall (although let's secretly hope we are.)

I heard Marshall Arisman speak years ago at a design conference in Atlanta and it was one of those moments where everything clicked and I was completely riveted by what he had to say. I am not the biggest fan of his work I must admit but will always be inspired by his creativity and commitment to fostering that in himself and others.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

New technology in Printing

So, I"m watching the today show this morning and I hear them talking about a new technology in printing - what could it possibly be? A 5th color? CMYK - umm P???

What more can we do in printing that we're not already doing - turns out they are putting digital interactivity on magazine covers. Esquire has unveiled its new cover that features electronic ink! Pretty cool - and what does that mean to us as designers. Not only are we designing static printed covers but now there is the possibility of movement and animation. An entirely new element to contend with from a design perspective.

The news is all over the internet this morning.

The Boston Globe has this to say:
"A revolutionary and top-secret Esquire magazine cover was revealed this morning on NBC�s �The Today Show.�

The magazine�s 75th anniversary cover � the first mass-produced glossy magazine cover featuring electronic ink � has an inset that electrically sorts tiny black or white capsules to read, �The 21st Century Begins Now.�

A computer chip allows the 10-square-inch display to present parts of the phrase in succession before the entire sentence blinks together." Full Story Here...

That technology originated in Cambridge at E Ink Corp., where the Esquire project was seen as one step toward a paperless future... More info about the process

Esquire is not releasing the costs involved with this technology but they are charging $2.00 more than their ususal cover price for this particular issue. This has a lot of implications in the future of design - comments?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Student Spotlight

The new module has just begun at Steven's Henager College so there isn't new work to post at the moment but these are some of the final project from last mod. The fonts are from typography class where students had to design an original font - some really great work for that project.

AIGA EVENT Sept. 9th

I always keep you posted as to what's going on with the AIGA. Usually they have events downtown at the Art Center and I always try to meet students there. This one is being held at the Art Institute in Draper which is a long Drive. Luckily, they are back at the Salt Lake Art Center on October 2nd with Petrula Vrontikis. I will definitely be there for that one - she's an amazing designer. Mark it on your calendar.

Link to details on the AIGA site


And here is a link to your personal invitation from Adobe to receive information directly from Adobe on September 23rd.

Link to Adobe

Who knows what the new version will have in store for us - Exciting!!